Thursday, April 12, 2018

Smoked Goat Meat Sauce.

By Akwe Mabs

Ohhhhh my God! Now you have to try this recipe!

Mabi's  Smoked Goat Sauce and White Yam

Four Four persons
1 kg of Goat meat- spice with black pepper, white pepper, country onions, salt, beef cube then smoke till its tender
2 large onions- chopped
2 large tomatoes- sliced
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1/2 teaspoon 'country onion'
2 table spoon ground njansa
1/2 black pepper
1/2 white pepper
3 table spoons of vegetable oil
spring onions
pinch of salt
beef cube to taste


Once the goat meat is cleaned, sliced, spiced and smoked, you put it aside
Place the pot on the cooker, put in vegetable oil, add onions, ginger, tomatoes fry for about 3 minutes
Add the rest of the ingredients in to the pot
Add the goat meat as well
Add a cup of water and cover the pot.
Leave to cook for about 10 minutes so that all the ingredients will come together giving you a very tasty goat sauce.

Once its ready serve as desired. You could serve with boiled white yams, boiled rice, plantains, bobolo or Irish potatoes.

Come back and let me know how you enjoyed the meal.

Monday, July 20, 2015

My home-made watermelon juice

By Akwe Mabs

Watermelons are so refreshing and healthy. Each juicy bite has significant levels of vitamin A, B6 , C, antioxidants and amino acids.

watermelon, nutritionIt is so juicy and tasty that you can't resist it.

Here is what you need to get a jar of watermelon juice;

watermelon melon fruit1 large watermelon
Juice machine 
You can also use a strainer as an alternative to the juice machine

Wash the watermelon properly. Scoop out the content. Then put in the juice machine. Collect the juice.  Pour into a fruit jar. Serve at room temperature or keep in the refrigerator to get cold, before serving. It tastes so good, you would be tempted to try it again.

Beyond the taste, the health benefits of watermelons include; prevention of kidney disorders and high blood pressure, prevention of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, to name but these.

According to the National Watermelon Promotion Board, Scientists have taken notice of watermelon's high lycopene levels- about 15 to 20 milligrams per 2- cups serving.


Sunday, July 19, 2015

Easy home-made orange-carrot-beetroot juice

By Akwe Mabs

In my attempt to break  away from some old eating habits and adopt new and healthier ones , I have decided to completely cut out sodas and to replace them with natural home-made juices.

This implies that my entire household would have to be part of this move!

Sometimes it is a struggle getting especially the kids  to accept some of these natural fruits  juice combinations. I am not giving it up.

Healthier is better, I often tell them. Try , try and try and soon you will get used to it. I think we are making progress. I will be happy to share some of my juice recipes here on my blog, as I go along.
Akwe's orange-carrot-beetroot juice

*Orange-carrot-beetroot juice
To make two glasses of this juice, here is what you need.

2 large oranges
5 medium sized carrots
1 large beetroot.
*Juice machine

Wash thoroughly. Peel  the beetroot, slice and juice . Do same with the carrots.
 Cut each orange into two parts, then use the manual orange squeezer to squeeze the juice from the orange. Mix with the carrot and beetroot juice, stir and serve immediately. You could  also keep it in the fridge for a  short while before serving.

Yeahh! you 've got yourself two glasses of healthy  home-made orange-carrot-beetroot juice. Enjoy!

The health benefits of beetroots are many; high in fiber , excellent source of  folic acid and helps  to increase body stamina. Beetroot is low in fat and full of vitamins.

Carrot juice is very nutritious and contains beta-carotene, a good source of potassium and vitamin A.
Read more from hereImage result for free images of carrots

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nice birthday cakes!

By Akwe Mabs

 Here is a collection of some birthday cakes/pictures from some of my family members. I didn't bake any of these but  they all look so lovely !
Nenge's 9th birthday cake

Shura's 10th birthday cake,

Baby Miley's 1st birthday cake

mom's birthday cake as she celebrates with her grandchildren in Douala

Ngems' birthday cake as she celebrates with kids 

Ngwi's 12th birthday cake 

George Jr's 3rd birthday cake
Pictures: courtesy of my sisters, Ngems, Ids and myself.
Thanks to Yvonne F. for baking most of these cakes.

Setting food on the table! Be stylish!

By Akwe Mabs

You will certainly agree with me that setting food on the dinning table is not simply a matter of taking the food from the pot/oven/grill to the table.

 It is an art in itself!

Many people are often  quickly drawn to a table when it is beautifully set! Making sure the cutlery, plates, paper-napkins, table mats, glasses, food dishes and trays  are in place, is therefore key to having a nice table setting. The arrangement of the different items, the lighting, candles, flowers and a few other table accessories  generally add style and beauty.

Therefore I suggest you take the time to set a beautiful, enticing and mouth-watering table for yourself, your family and /or friends whenever need be.

It's all in the art of it!

These pictures on this post, are courtesy of my big sister, Lynda.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Making a monthly meal plan!

By Akwe Mabs

Each month I draw up a meal plan. This usually is done after I must have been to the market and the grocery stores to buy all what I intend to use.  My shopping list is usually divided into different sections like meat, fish, vegetables , fruits, canned food, spices etc.

Most often my monthly meal plan helps me save time and money given that I can buy in bulk and would not have to run to the market all the time.

Figuring out what the family should eat throughout the month and drawing up the monthly menu also helps reduce the everyday stress sometimes associated  with planning meals on a  daily basis!
If you are looking for ways of how to go about this take a look at a sample of my monthly meal plan below. You could also find help here
 My sample FOOD MENU for a month 
                                                WEEK 1                            WEEK 2                              WEEK 3                            WEEK 4         

Egusi soup meat, plantains§ rice
Garri and okro
Chicken and fried potatoes
Cabbage and rice
Vegetable and fufu  and  Rice
Pepersoup potatoes
Jellof rice and meat
Bean s and rice
 Garri and okro plus rice and meat
Spaghetti and sauce
Kwacoco bible
Plus noodles
Beans and  boiled plantains and noodles
Puff puff and beans
Eru and garri with footcow
Garri and okro soup with foot cow
 Fried spaghetti
Porridge cocoyams
 Dodo and beans
Liver sauce and dodo, macaroni
Waterfufu and eru plus potato chips
 Okongobong egusi Vegetable and rice plus foot cow
Egusi soup and rice plus meat
Ndole and plantains
 Plus noodles
Rice and stew with meat
Fufu corn and vegetable
Puff and beans

 Banana and oranges and passion juice
Pawpaw and pineapple and mangoes
Oranges  and apples
Banana and watermelons


Monday, February 11, 2013

Narrating My Passion Fruit or Adam Fruit Story!

By Akwe Mabs

I was born in Kumba in the South West Region of Cameroon but my family later moved to our village called NKWEN in Bamenda: in the North West  Region of Cameroon. This is where I spent the greater part of my childhood and my life as a teenager!

Each day I went to primary school : Catholic School Futru Nkwen,  I learnt  how different life in the village was compared to life in a township-Kumba; where I had done my nursery and early primary school years!
One of the things that caught my attention  was how some of my primary school mates used to freely harvest fruits from nearby farms and compounds during break time and eat , sometimes without even washing these fruits. Mangoes, guavas, passion fruits, bananas, oranges,'nthoch', 'ankop' and many other fruits were easy to find and in large quantities! Usually the bigger and brave boys of the school would  make a bet to see who could harvest more fruits within the shortest time possible.

 Despite several warnings from our no nonsense headmaster ( Mr Clement Tamasang), I often wondered why some of my primary schoolmates would venture in to from someone else's property with no permission. I was told by one of the boys that 'life in the village was different, here there is so much foodstuff  in the farms to harvest, many trees, many fruits and if you can have some for yourself then you won"t go hungry".  I thought that was easier said !

As time went on I realised that not only was it a "bad" habit for some pupils to climb on trees in other people's  compound and farms to harvest fruits, it was also a show of strength and how daring some could be!The funny thing was, some of our mates would rather over-eat than share their booty with others on the grounds that they were the ones who took the risk to climb on the trees and also did the harvesting.

One day my friend(Anto) and I were returning from school and decided to pass through 'Pa Adams' compound.  Adam was his nickname as the story goes, given to him by the people of his neighbourhood because his compound was full of 'adam ' fruits better known as passion fruit.  We met Pa Adams sitting in front of his house weaving a basket. We greeted him and begged if we could have some adam fruits. "Yes ma pikin dem" was his reply which meant Yes my children go ahead and harvest them. My friend and I looked at each other in total surprise! More so because it was often rumoured in the village  that Pa Adams lived a solitary life, had no wife, no child nor grandchildren, hardly ever paid visits to other people and likewise. Perhaps that was the reason many feared coming to harvest fruits from his compound. For a moment we thought "should we freely go ahead and harvest the fruits, what if we eat them and something bad happens......? My friend and I then decided to go ahead as Pa Adams had asked us to. We both harvested quite a lot, packed some in to school bags, tied some unto our pullovers, then we quickly said "thank you Pa"  to Pa Adams and varnished!
 On our way home we were really excited we had been able to harvest much 'adam fruits' but we were too afraid to start eating them : we spoke of how we were going to break the news to our brothers and sisters as soon as we got home and to do same to other classmates the following day at school.There we were, we had asked for permission to harvest, we had been granted one, we actually did harvest but we were too scared to eat the fruits we so much wanted! What an irony!

Once home I told my sisters and brothers what had happened and asked them to come and share the fruits with me! Some did others didn't for fear that these fruits had been harvested from the "mysterious and much talked about" Pa Adams' compound!

But even as I sat there eating the fruits I had a little feeling running through my mind that Pa Adams  could have actually been " a  mystery and somewhat devilish" as was often rumoured in the village . Unfortunately no one ever said he was also a very kind man like he had just shown us by allowing us have as much passion fruits as we wanted. I spoke of his  kindness thereafter but he wasn't liked by many people so it didn't matter to them. He had been labelled as a "lonely, mysterious, wicked old  man,  fit to die and be buried with a stone in his hand"!

 Pa Adams died many years later but till date,  this story  comes to mind every time I see passion juice at the supermarkets.

Behold I was walking down the street of Kampala the other day and I noticed that some ladies were selling a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and in large quantities. There, I found 'adam' fruits as we called it then (passion fruits).  I couldn't resist them. Upon arranging them in a carrier bag I thought of the day Pa Adams made it possible for my friend and I to have " passion fruit party" after harvesting so much of it .

And so through this post I remember Pa Adams' kindness and pray that his soul rests in peace!

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